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10 Fun Things to Do with Kids in Fermanagh

Wednesday, 23 August 2023

10 Fun Things to Do with Kids in Fermanagh


Areyou planning your summer vacation and wondering about the best places to stayin Enniskillen? Look no further than the Killyhevlin Hotel, an enchanting4-star hotel in Fermanagh that is a wonderland for kids and a sanctuary forparents. This gem offers luxury cabins in Northern Ireland and is renowned forsome of the finest spa dealsin Northern Ireland. Whether you're looking for a kids outdoor play area, adelightful kids play park, or a fun kids playground, the Killyhevlin lodges areyour go-to destination.


Butyour summer adventure in Fermanagh doesn't stop at the hotel gates. The countyis a treasure trove of tourist attractions that make it the perfect locationfor a family-friendly summer vacation. With an array of things to do inFermanagh, from exploring historical sites to enjoying nature, this area willkeep your little ones entertained all summer long.


TheKillyhevlin Hotel, famed for its exceptional spain Fermanagh, also offers a tranquil retreat for adults. Known as one of thepremium hotels with spas in Northern Ireland, it is the perfect place forparents to unwind while the kids are off adventuring.


Inthis blog post, we're going to dive into the top 10 fun things to do with kidsin Fermanagh. From the beautiful landscapes to the captivating touristattractions, we’ll provide you with all the information you need to make yourfamily's stay at the Killyhevlin Hotel a memorable one.


Sopack your bags, load up the car, and get ready to immerse yourself in theunmatched beauty and adventure of a summer vacation in Fermanagh!

1. Discoverthe Underground Wonders: The Marble Arch Caves


Embarkingon family breaks in Northern Ireland this summer vacation? Then one of the topthings to do in Fermanagh that should be on your bucket list is visiting theMarble Arch Caves Global Geopark. Situated within a short distance from some ofthe best family hotels in Northern Ireland, including the famed KillyhevlinHotel, this magical underworld is one of the key tourist attractions in thearea.


Stayingat theKillyhevlin lodges, renowned as one of the topfamily hotels in Ireland, you're perfectly placed to venture off and explorethe enigmatic beauty of these caves. From the spectacular stalactites to thesilently flowing underground rivers, this stunning show of Mother Nature issure to capture the imagination of the kids and provide an unforgettable familyholiday in Northern Ireland.


Whilethe caves provide an adventure-filled day for the children, parents can retreatto the luxury cabins in Northern Ireland back at the Killyhevlin Hotel, orindulge in the renowned spa in Fermanagh, marking it as one of the hotels withspas in Northern Ireland to watch out for.


Indeed,combining an educational and fun excursion like the Marble Arch Caves with theunrivalled comfort of family hotels in Northern Ireland such as the KillyhevlinHotel makes for a delightful summer vacation. This blend of adventure andrelaxation is what makes family breaks in Northern Ireland so unique andmemorable.

2.          SteppingBack in Time: The Majestic Castle Coole in Enniskillen


Locatedin the heart of Fermanagh is CastleCoole, an enchanting 18th-century mansion that's part ofthe National Trust's collection. This grand neo-classical architecturalmasterpiece, coupled with its extensive grounds and a delightful kids outdoorplay area, makes it a top destination for family breaks in Northern Ireland.


CastleCoole, Enniskillen, offers family-friendly tours that both educate andentertain, making history come alive in an engaging and fun way. It's amust-visit tourist attraction if you are staying in one of the family-friendlyhotels in Northern Ireland like the Killyhevlin Hotel, known as one of the topfamily hotels in Ireland.


Thebeautiful grounds of Castle Coole also feature a kids play park and aplayground, perfect for letting the children run around and enjoy the NorthernIreland summer sunshine. It's an ideal way to spend a day on family holidays inNorthern Ireland.


Aftera day of exploring Castle Coole, retreat to the comfort of Killyhevlin lodges,the perfect place to relax and reflect on the day's adventure. As one of thebest family hotels in Northern Ireland, it offers luxury cabins and arefreshing spa in Fermanagh,making it the ideal hotel in Fermanagh to return to after an exhilarating dayof exploring the beauty of Castle Coole.

3.           Experiencethe Tranquillity: Lough Erne Boat Trips for the Family


Nexton your itinerary for the perfect summer vacation in Fermanagh should be adelightful boat tour on Lough Erne. This adventure will provide your familywith a different perspective on the natural beauty of Fermanagh, all from thewater's edge. It's an idyllic option when you're looking for things to do inFermanagh with your family.


Oneof the most family-friendly hotels in Northern Ireland, the Killyhevlin Hotel,offers convenient access to Enniskillen boat trips. Lough Erne boat trips arenot just an opportunity to appreciate the stunning landscapes, but also anexciting adventure for kids. From spotting local wildlife to feeling the gentlewaves beneath the boat, this experience is sure to be a highlight of yourfamily holidays in Northern Ireland.


Forthose who fancy angling, you’ll be delighted to know that Fermanagh is a primespot for fishingin Northern Ireland. The Killyhevlin Hotel offers the opportunity to perfectlyplan fishing trips in Northern Ireland and are strategically located nearfishing lakes, enhancing your family breaks in this charming region.


Aftera day out on Lough Erne, the Killyhevlin lodges, known for our luxurycabins in Northern Ireland and rejuvenating spa inFermanagh, provide the perfect place to relax and unwind, making your stay inone of the best family hotels in Northern Ireland all the more memorable.

4.           Unwind inNature's Embrace: The Breathtaking Fermanagh Lakelands


Afamily holiday in Northern Ireland wouldn't be complete without embracing thetranquillity and natural beauty of the Fermanagh Lakelands. This scenicwonderland is an essential part of the summer vacation experience, offering aplethora of outdoor activities that will delight nature-loving kids and adultsalike.


Asa family-friendly destination, the Fermanagh Lakelands provides vast greenspaces for a kids outdoor play area, a picnic spot, or a serene backdrop for afamily walk. Kids will enjoy the freedom to run around and parents willappreciate the stunning vistas, making it one of the top family breaks inNorthern Ireland.


Closeto some of the best family hotels in Northern Ireland, including the esteemedKillyhevlin Hotel, these Lakelands are a paradise for birdwatchers, offeringcountless opportunities to spot native and migratory species. It's just one ofthe many reasons why the Killyhevlin Hotel is ranked among the top familyhotels in Ireland.


Whenyou're done exploring for the day, retreat to the comfort of the Killyhevlinlodges. Our luxury cabins in Northern Ireland provide a restful escape, and thespa in Fermanaghis the perfect way to unwind after a day out in nature.


Inevery sense, the Fermanagh Lakelands encapsulate the heart of a summer vacationin Fermanagh. They are a must-visit tourist attraction that complements theenchanting stay at the Killyhevlin Hotel, making your family holiday inNorthern Ireland truly unforgettable.

5.           Embrace theAdventure: Fun for All Ages at Share Discovery Village


Foran action-packed family break in Northern Ireland, a visit to Share DiscoveryVillage should be high on your itinerary. This adventure centre is the perfectplace for kids of all ages to experience an array of fun-filled activities.From canoeing on the sparkling lake to testing your aim with archery, toclimbing new heights and immersing in crafting, the Share Discovery Villageoffers a delightful mix of adventure and creativity.


YourShare Discovery Village photos will capture the smiles and excitement of thekids and stand as memorable souvenirs from your summer vacation. It's one ofthe must-visit tourist attractions in Fermanagh, especially if you're stayingat our family-friendly hotel. Known as one of the top family hotels in Ireland,the Killyhevlin Hotel provides easy access to the Share Discovery Village andother popular destinations in Fermanagh.


Aftera day full of activities and excitement, you can unwind at the Killyhevlinlodges. The luxury cabins in Northern Ireland provide a peaceful retreat, andthe spa in Fermanaghis the perfect way to rejuvenate after an exhilarating day of adventure.


ShareDiscovery Village is indeed a gem in Fermanagh, offering an unforgettable partof your family holidays in Northern Ireland, and making it a true highlight ofyour stay at the Killyhevlin Hotel.

6.           Dive intoHistory: Fun and Learning at the Enniskillen Castle Museums


Visitingthe Enniskillen Castle Museums is an essential part of any family break inNorthern Ireland. It's a castle in Enniskillen that combines history withinteractive exhibits, making it a captivating tourist attraction in Fermanagh.Regular kid-focused events during the summer vacation ensure your familyholidays in Northern Ireland are both fun and educational. The KillyhevlinHotel, one of the top family hotels in Ireland, provides easy access to thisand other attractions. After a day of exploration, retreat to the luxury cabinsat Killyhevlin lodges, ending your day in Fermanagh perfectly.

7.           Step Backin Time: Family Adventures at Florence Court


Explorethe enchanting FlorenceCourt House during your family break inNorthern Ireland. This 18th-century estate in Fermanagh, part of the NationalTrust Florence Court, offers charming walled gardens, a play area for kids, anda visitor centre with a children's room. It's an enriching summer vacationstop-off on the list of tourist attractions near the Killyhevlin Hotel, one ofthe top family hotels in Ireland. The Killyhevlin lodges, conveniently locatedin Enniskillen, offer the perfect base from which to explore Florence Court andother exciting things to do in Fermanagh.

8.           Embark on aHistorical Adventure: A Visit to Devenish


Fora unique blend of history and adventure, take a family trip to Devenish iIslandin Fermanagh. Captain your own ‘wee read boat (available for hire via Erne BoatHire Ltd.) and enjoy a trip to this landmark is an exciting journey for kids,making it a highly recommended activity for a summer vacation.  Hop aboardand enjoy the freedom of the lakes, stopping to explore Devenish Island, thefamous sixth century monastic site with a fairytale, 12th centuryround tower.

Stayingat family-friendly hotels like the Killyhevlin Hotel adds convenience to yourtrip, making it easier to explore this and other intriguing sites in NorthernIreland. A visit to Devenish Island is certainly a memorable part of yourfamily holidays!

9.                      Fun on the Farm!Meet your favourite Farm Animal

Enjoy allthe fun of the farm at Fermanagh Fun Farm. Get up close and personal with theirfurry and feathered friends! Cuddle adorable bunnies, feed the friendly lambs,and say hello to the playful goats. Don't miss the chance to meet the adorablepiglets too! Hop on the train, enjoy pony rides and let your little ones gigglein the fun-filled playareas. Afterwards treat your taste buds at the farm cafe! 

10.        UnleashCreativity: Belleek Pottery Visitor Centre - A Family Delight


Lookingfor a fun and creative activity to enjoy with your kids in Fermanagh? Look nofurther than the Belleek Pottery Visitor Centre. Located in the heart of CountyFermanagh, this renowned pottery factory offers an immersive experience thatwill captivate the whole family during your summer vacation.


Atthe Belleek Pottery Visitor Centre, you and your children can witness theincredible craftsmanship that goes into creating the world-famous Belleekporcelain. Explore the fascinating history and heritage of this iconic brandthrough interactive exhibits and guided tours. Marvel at the delicate designsand intricate details of the exquisite porcelain creations.


TheBelleek Pottery Visitor Centre is an ideal addition to your Irish mini break inFermanagh. It offers a blend of art, culture, and hands-on experiences thatwill entertain and educate your children. So, make sure to include thisdelightful destination on your list of things to do in Fermanagh with kids.


Fermanaghoffers an abundance of family-friendly activities and attractions for anunforgettable summer vacation. From exploring historical sites to engaging inwatersports, from enjoying nature's beauty to unleashing creativity at theBelleek Pottery Visitor Centre, there is something for everyone. Stay at theKillyhevlin Hotel, one of the top family hotels in Northern Ireland, andexperience the perfect blend of comfort and convenience!